Solar Fields (Magnus 50th Birthday)

Swedish Magnus Birgersson, better known as Solar Fields, has created many memorable pieces in the electronic music scene since the end of the nineties.The nineties weren’t yesterday either and the performer, who has had an amazing career, has been a guest at Avatar on numerous occasions. On November 11, we welcome Magnus again within the walls of the best new club in Budapest called the Turbina, with a special note: he is coming to Budapest to celebrate his 50th birthday, with you.
In consideration of your previous feedback, we organized not one, but two consecutive parties on this day, so that those who cannot/would like to stay up until the morning can also participate in the party. The first event will take place between 19:00 and 23:00, and the second between 23:30 and 06:00. Due to the characteristics of the Turbina, the seating is somewhat limited, but the two time slots ensure that everyone can find in the one that suits them, both in space and time. Solar Fields, still one of the most creative figures in Scandinavian electronic music, will be playing roughly the same at the two parties. We are waiting for you!