Solar Fields - Formations


Hello everyone!

Im extremely happy to annouce that my upcoming album SOLAR FIELDS – FORMATIONS will be released on the 4th of November 2022, Vinyl – CD – Digital and also as a beautiful T-Shirt.

Pre-orders has started today at sidereal.

Vinyl and CD include a 16 page booklet with artwork made by yours truly.

Scheduled for release November 4th on both CD and 2LP, Formations, the new full-length studio work by Magnus Birgersson musical alter ego, is about to see the light. When asked to provide some insights about the album, Solar Fields underlined that every track comes in a different form, shape and emotion. Each song conveys different moods and the sound palette varies from melancholic to joyful, dark to bright, taking its time to plant their seeds into their listener.

This is what you shall expect from Formations: a broad spectrum of sounds and emotions. As always when it comes to the works of Solar Fields, you will find yourself amazed by new details and shades at every further spin.

A kaleidoscopic effort, Solar Fields new album may very well be the right choice for every mood you fall into, just tune it to the right track and you’ll see…


Solar Fields – Formations
01 Animals
02 Echostream
03 Omatic
04 Motion Horizon
05 A Friend
06 Star Carnival
07 Between Mirrors
08 Always 034746
09 Desolation
10 Lemonia

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Origin # 01 Remastered preorder

Solar Fields Origin # 01 Remastered is now ready for pre-order.
CD release: 30 September
Vinyl Release: 7 October
Digital Release: 7 October

Preorders here:

The quest for a complete Solar Fields reissue collection continues here at Sidereal, and this time we bring back to light the first instalments in Magnus Birgersson’s unfinished tracks archive.

Origin #01, originally released in 2010, was the first compilation of Solar Fields finished unfinished pieces. A series of audio stems born in various periods of time, in this case from 2002 to 2008, then completed and refined.

Such a genesis makes the Origin series something different in the Solar Fields catalog, as the usual consistency and unity of Magnus’s studio albums is nowhere to be found here, in favor of a multi-faceted, various and fragmented approach. Every track is completely different from the other, and you never know what’s lying behind the next corner. Every note sounds 101% Solar Fields, but the spectre covered by Origin #01 was an entirely different width compared to what the Swedish producer released until that moment.


Solar Fields – Live at the Royal Opera house.

I’m extremely happy to announce that I will do 5 performances 
at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm at the
“Dice at the opera” event in October.

Also music by fellow game composers: 
Jukka Rintamäki & Johan Skugge
Mikael Karlsson
Sam Slater & Hildur Guðnadóttir
Gordy Haab 
Johan Söderqvist & Patrik Andrén

This will be a one of a kind experience.
See you there 

More info:


Solar Fields – Earthshine (remastered)

Hello all! 🙂

Solar Fields – Earthshine (remastered) now out. Originally released in 2007 and never reissued, Earthshine is a Solar Fields trance album. On his fifth studio record, Magnus Birgersson took a detour and explored the nooks of psytrance music, crafting his own version of it.

On Earthshine, Solar Fields typical ambient soundscapes are just part of the equation, now enriched with upbeats dancing melodies.

Fourteen years later, Earthshine is back to light and gives these eight tracks a wax treatment for the very first time. Come join Solar Fields upbeat trip across our planet.

Solar Fields – Earthshine (remastered) Vinyl, CD and T-shirt available at


DEATH IN SPACE soundtrack released today!

My contribution and the complete soundtrack for the board game DEATH IN SPACE is released today on all major digital platforms, also the track By The Void is available on the Solar Fields Bandcamp page

On December 24, the official soundtrack for sci-fi RPG DEATH IN SPACE is unleashed to the world. Packed with 90 minutes of atmospheric music divided into 12 tracks, it is perfect to enjoy while awaiting the collapse of the universe. Behind the album are electronic artists Helium Kid Kanon and Solar Fields, and it has been mastered by Robert Elster. You can find the album on various streaming services and stores, including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube Music and Tidal among many others.

DEATH IN SPACE is a table-top RPG that takes you to the grimy blue-collar future of a dying universe filled with risk and opportunity, where technology is broken and dirty and society is harsh and desperate. The official soundtrack sets the tone of this universe and gives life to the themes present in the game.


1. Cosmic Mutation
2. Spot 1986
3. Offworld
4. Nothing is New
5. The Decay of Central Rule
6. Jump Point 00.000
7. Death in Space
8. Dunes of Time
9. Chrome
10. Corrupted
11. By the Void 
12. Creatures of the Abyss

Helium Kid Kanon on Spotify:

Solar Fields on Spotify: 

For more information about DEATH IN SPACE, go to: