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Studio Jupiter Live Session

Friday, 21 August 2020 from 18:30-19:30 CET

Solar Fields does an exclusive live session recorded in his studio in Gothenburg. Prep for a psybient/ambient night!


Solar Fields announce a remix contest where YOU get a chance to remix/remake one of his songs!

Here’s how you do it:
– Pick a Solar Fields song of your own choice
– Add something to an existing song that makes it sound different, or remix it completely
– Use whatever instrument(s) you want, not necessarily electronic gear
– Your voice is also an instrument
– Magnus says: ”Be very creative”
– Magnus picks the winner

– A rare vinyl test press of ”Undiscovered Stories”
– R.G.B. t-shirt
– Origin # 03 CD

SEND it to at August 28th 17:00 CET at latest. If the file is too big, send a link to Dropbox, Google Drive etc. and we’ll download it.
Most important, leave your address and t-shirt size!



The following Solar Fields Live shows has been postponed. Sorry all /Magnus

2/4 Moscow
3/4 St Petersburg
4/4 Kiew 



Hello everyone!!! 🙂
I’m happy to announce that my next album ORIGIN # 03 will be released 1 June. Here is a preview of the album.


For the third time I felt inspired to dig through my archives for musical ideas and tracks which i had started working on many years ago yet never completed for various reasons. After going through my old hard drives I picked out 10 pieces to work on and finalize, some from as far back as 2006, which together now form this new album, Origin # 03.
The date of creation holds some significance for me, a reflection of the feelings alive then, recorded in sound.
All Track titles in this series link you back to their original date of inception, their “Origin”, a journey through time.

Digital release 1 June 2019
Label: Droneform Records

CD release date: 13 June 2019
LP release date:  20 June 2019
Label: Sidereal
Released as Six panels digipack and double LP in gatefold cover with two vinyl colour options (black and ultra clear)
Pre-orders starts on 1 June 2019 from

Written and produced by Magnus Birgersson in Studio Jupiter, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Mixed by Magnus Birgersson and Robert Elster at Studio Jupiter and Cloud99.
Mastered By Robert Elster at


Extended & Leaving home remastered, Vinyl and CD

Solar Fields ’Extended’ and ’Leaving Home’
Remastered editions and for the first time on vinyl.
DigiCD’s release date February 2019.02.12 (retail preorders will be shipped rather earlier)
Gatefold 2 LP’s release date 2019.02.22

Die-hard fanbase can preorder these for one week with a % off discount

(all infos will be in the store products) activated on Saturday 2019.01.12 at 1 pm (CET)
After one week the given discount code will expiry and preorders will remain active at full price.


Stores and distros inquiries to


SOLAR FIELDS – Movements – Remastered – Reissue

Originally released in 2009, but out of print since a few years, Movements was the sixth full-length studio album by Magnus Birgersson as Solar Fields.
This 2018 version comes completely remastered (with a specific mastering for the vinyl) in digipack CD and, for the first time ever, in a double vinyl version (with the run split into a sea-blue and traditional black wax vinyl colors options).
Last but not least, given the circumstance of the new edition, Magnus is giving it all, adding one BONUS track on the Vinyl, (“The Return”) that was composed and recorded at the times of the ’Movements’ recording session.
The vastness of Solar Fields lush soundscapes is nothing new: along his almost-twenty-year career Magnus Birgersson developed some of the most remarkable examples of psybient music, mixing ambient and IDM in the most natural way. Movements is no exception, actually, it’s one of Birgersson’s work where the studious listener is most challenged: eleven tracks not linked one to the other, where sounds flow naturally, intensely.
Almost ten years after its release, this masterwork of emotive, synthetic music is about to be available once again.